Welcome to the RenaiCoco Foundation.

The RenaiCoco Foundation seeks to revitalize area communities, by way of Arts & Humanities.  The RenaiCoco Foundation views Art as a vehicle for the betterment of mankind.
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The Grande Theatre was broken into recently.  Theft, and vandalism have stifled the progression of the renovation.  Funds must be allocated to repair the electrical in the building.  Vandals cut all the junction boxes in an attempt to steel the copper wiring. With no power to the building, the progressed has completely stopped.  The RenaiCoco Foundation is accepting donations on behalf of the Grande Theatre.  Thank you for supporting this great effort and the Arts Community.

To donate, please go to the "Donate" page and type "Grande Theatre Donation Fund" in purpose box.   Your generous donations will help immensely.  Thank you for your support!
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